Sunday, 6 November 2011

been scavenging again

wow! is that beautiful or what?
Just had a great visit with Wendy of emmelines place,
 oh my goodness such amazing treasure, Wendy is a mixed media artist and her work is lovely, and the stuff in her studio-- wow!
She has all these wonderful dyed fabrics, a whole collection of orange and yellow samples I love orange! thank you Wendy- I have something special in mind for this.
this wall paper has raised dahlias on it,Wendy has done some great rubbings of it and now shes given it to me- cant wait to get those markels out! 

And guess what this is?
Its a Pianola scroll!we were talking about spindles and Wendy has kindly given me one of her collection to use for a spindle book, but its almost too nice, I will have to think carefully about what I do with this,

look at the perforations....

  And in a proper box too..

thank you wendy for all the lovely stuff, I also came back with a head stuffed full of differant techniques and ideas and ended up failing to cook tea for the monsters because we were all so busy painting and chopping up magasines I will show this in a couple of days

And who remembers my last years december journal?  
its fat and wobbly and wierd and I loved making it, it was so  much fun to do,but it ended up triangular because I put so much in it
well, now I know how to rebind it to make it flat, just in time for this years one ,so lots coming bye for now, Tina


  1. I love your December Journal, it is stuffed with great memories and treasures. I love that it is fat and triangular :) I am a bit of a collector and I enjoy sharing, come and scavenge again soon

  2. I love orange too and that fabric is gorgeous. xox Corrine

  3. I've recently made a book in a scroll form influenced by these sort of pianola rolls.That bag was a great find; thank goodness that you gave in and bought it.

  4. oooh lovely goodies .thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog .....visit again sometime ...x

  5. I forgot to tell you, I have just a little bit of Julie's hand dyed fabric! Saving it for something special :)


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