Monday, 28 November 2011

titchy little chaps

The heart brooch's are finished, and they are rather cute ,aren't  they, and quite small, only two inches tall
  I did enjoy making them but I wasn't to happy with the instructions, the magasine said to cut out each heart, then iron bondaweb to the back of each heart, then bond a heart shaped piece of felt to the back of each one.

I found it quicker and easier to simply iron a piece of bondaweb onto the back of the whole sheet,
and then bond the sheet to a piece of felt, and cut out the little hearts afterwards
no critiscism of stitch magasine, its great, always full of good ideas and stuff to try out, I often give away magasines but not this one, I always keep them

 Anyway, total change of subject.....
does anyone know what this plant is?
I buy it every year as an anual bedding plant and it has bright purple stems,
love it! i want to do a little page on it but dont know its name...
any answers?

one more change of subject,  I am extremely excited to have joined  the stitching challenge starting in january.
 Im hoping to learn loads of new stuff and get lots of ideas,  have a look on   pintangle  about three posts back....
bye for now  tina


  1. The hearts turned out really well. I don't know what the plant is, but it's very pretty.

  2. Your method for these charming hearts is much easier but maybe Stitch was trying to be frugal with materials? Either way they are so fab. Is the plant babtisa, is it tall? Hard to tell from the pics. A dyer's plant. xox Corrine

  3. The stitching thingy challenge looks interesting, but I'll just follow you :) Way to many other commitments, but I might just dip in and out - we'll see! As for the blue thingies, are they a salvia?

    The little broches are fabulous!

  4. Hi Tina, Can't totally tell. It is either Baptista which is a dyer's plant or larkspur, which may be also. Google either of those two and see if you
    can figure it out. Maybe one of your other blog roll buddies can tell. xox Corrine

  5. The hearts are great. I got a copy of the magazine and was surprised (after seeing your page of hearts) that they were to be made individually, much better your way - unless you're using titchy bits of fabric of course. Good job. I think the blue flower might be a salvia too, try the RHS website :-)

  6. Beautiful brooches! I'm with you - only cut out the shapes once you really have to, otherwise they never quite match up, in my experience!
    I'd guess at Salvia for the plants too.....


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