Friday, 2 December 2011

more, more more shopping

In between all the shopping that Iv done for everyone else, I have managed  a little shopping for myself,
An  absolutely pre-owned beautiful sequined, chain stitched Indian cotton scarf  £1 .99

isn't it lovely....

Lovely woven fringes.......
not only but also....
four really good quality pure cotton cot sheets  £1.75 each.
Oh, I love a bit of shopping.
what else have I been doing?
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  1. What a gorgeous scarf! Love the pinks. xox Corrine

  2. Ah, cot sheets are brilliant - one of my favourite charity shop finds. Lucky you!

  3. Enjoyed catching up with your last 3 posts. Lovely hearts and this scarf is beautiful. Clever girl!

  4. Well done for treating yourself. Best wishes to you and your family, hope mr shedman comes inside for Xmas. Mine would be on the golf course if allowed.


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