Wednesday, 21 December 2011

just a quickie...

still, wrapping, and coughing ,but tonight I have been binding  a quilt for the smallest pink fairy in the house,
its lovely,with little ballerinas all over it and the tiniest delicate quilting around each figure and a lovely snugly brushed cotton on the back -did I make it?
I wish I did, but no.     Trudi from quilts prolifically made it for her smallest fairy, but shes not so small anymore and shes given it to me
all I have to do is bind it, what a lovely gift- makes me wish  I was 8 years old again,
thank you Trudi.
And whilst I stitch, I will watch Bad Santa, ooh, hes a very bad Santa..


  1. Awe, it deserved a loving home, I'm sure you can stitch far more magic into it :) I hope the little fairy loves it :)

  2. Oh so sweet ballerina's, I am not a girly girl but this is swell. xox Corrine Happy Christmas, jingle, jingle.

  3. Perfect for a little fairy.
    All happiest wishes of the season to you :-)

  4. I love gifts for feminine little girls - unfortunately the females in my family are not into anything remotely feminine - I blame myself having never been a 'barbie' mother or grandmother! It is so pretty - lucky girl x


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