Monday, 19 December 2011

and the winners are....

the partys over.....
and the winners are
plumcox and
annabelle serendipity...

As you can see ,I have added some stitch and stuff, hope you like them..
and whilst I was sewing,
and coughing and sneezing.......

The short fairies in the house made these.

Funny how some height challenged people can become so helpfull the week before christmas.

do you like my posh table runner?
one day I will make my own but right now I like the restraint and uniformity of this.

HA! like I even know what that means.....
bye for now- off to cough...


  1. those are so neat, the book covers or whatever they are.... too cute, and good job with the snacks!!

  2. Such gorgeous covers and how lucky you are to have fairies in the kitchen.

  3. Lucky winners! These are beautiful. I hope you shake off that cough before Christmas.

  4. These are swell! Lucky winners. Happy Christmas...xox Corrine

  5. Hope you're soon feeling better and coughing less, happy Christmas xx

  6. Oh I wish I'd seen these before they were won by someone else, lucky peeps! Uniformity? No, I much prefer your style - Happy Coughing Christmas! - I've half lost my voice!

  7. Finally got internet and a PC together so I can see the piccy - WOW! I am such a lucky quilter to think that one of these awesome covers will be coming my way! Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Sweetypie - are you OK - did Christmas kill you off? Found that I was a LUCKY journal winner and can't wait to get my hands on such a treasured piece! Do email me and let me know that you survived the chaos. xx


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