Wednesday, 13 January 2010

antique sewing machine

Well, a busy evening,youngest son, who is six ,was desperate to do some sewing tonight.He quickly did his homework and fetched his sewing bag.He has collected all the scraps left over from his quilt and is making a small strippy.He cant reach the floor and isnt ready for electrickery so I have bought an old jones machine from a friend , it doesnt have a bobbin it has a shuttle and you have to turn the handle very fast to get a fairly slow speed out of it. His arm gets tired and he is left handed but he is very keen and tries very hard and actually ,the machine sews beutifully and in the summer, we can sew in the garden.


  1. What a good idea Tina and it looks like your son is doing really well.

  2. I think it's wonderful that your son wants to sew and that you encourage him to do so. Maybe you should try and find a "manly" treadle machine for him to add to his machine learning repertoire :)


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