Friday, 15 January 2010


Friday is my day--sometimes. Today was definately my day,a quiete house a tidy sewing room [it took me all night] and a santana CD---yippee. A s all my friends are currently putting me to shame with wonderfull snowdyeing, I wont name names-you know who you are, Ithought I had better put down the curtains and do something a bit creative. SO, out comes the half done new york beauty and a big roll of greaseproof paper, a ruler and a sharpie. With santana blasting out very loud I have danced my way round the table and finally drawn the border. I am feeling fairly proud of this so far--I havnt lost a single point--so far--it took a lot of maltesers. I cant wait to quilt this- I can see the sequins now......


  1. OMG! I am totally in awe! You have to bring this to Academy next time! I have a wonderful image of you dancing to Santana- who absolutely rocks! I used to have several LPs of theirs/his. It's looking stunning and the colours are so you! Bring on the sequins! And the Maltesers ;o)

  2. That imagery is a dangerous thing! LOL You go girl! More maltesers I say! AWESOME quilt!

  3. wow i adore the colours on this piece. it is magnificent


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