Friday, 15 January 2010

foundation piecing

I do believe in accuracy and precise measurements ,so I always use .my trusty measuring tools--a dinner plate, a picnic bowl and a chocolate orange you cant see it in the picture as I had to eat three quarters of it --I am saving the rest of it for the traumatic bussiness of foundation piecing an eight foot strip of greaseproof paper without a single malteser in the house oooh scary!


  1. Ha, made me laugh! Can't wait to see the finished product...even if you don't have any more chocolate oranges to help you along.

  2. Well Sweetie Pie those are the most interesting tools that you have but I like them- they sound like they are really the best things to use.VBG
    Everyone needs to have Terry's Chocolate Orange- have your tried the new flavor- toffee chunk I think it is !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog- I love your pink fabric that you just created- it is awesome.
    Warmest regards,


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