Sunday, 11 April 2010


Not much blogging recently because we have decided to move house so have been very busy trying to make it look A. desirable and sane people live here., understandably its been very difficult hiding everything in order to achieve both A and B and not much sewing has been going on, however tomorrow I am off to the academy quilting group at Grantham to demonstrate kantha - a traditional form of Indian quilting We meet monthly and they are a very keen and adventurous group always willing to try something new. This has meant doing a bit of stitching to make two samples hurrah! my sanity is returning, now if I can just remember where I hid my threads......


  1. I'm looking forward to tonight, a bit of 'me' time and a good natter :o) Not to mention learning about Kantha.

    Moving house! Aggggh! Sounds like hard work!

  2. Your Kantha stitching is truly gorgeous!

    Good luck with your move... I remember from our last move, the challenge of having the home ready to show... I was driven to distraction trying to keep everything in order.

    Look forward to learning more about your Kantha stitch work!


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