Saturday, 24 April 2010


Back again! Its been a long week,still trying to make the house look attractive for the estate agents and clearing out all the junk. In order to hide all the junk we wish to keep, I first had to clear out the old junk from the loft---and guess what I found? All my old city and guilds folders and files and SAMPLES..... hurrah ,I have been panicking as I have to have my first 4 journal quilts completed by the end of the month and I had run out of hand dyed green assorted cottons to finish them, when ,bobs your uncle, I found a whole bag of assorted fabrics silks ,cottons.muslin's all dyed green, -- shades of....dark, light, yellowy, bluey, perfick! enough for the whole year , I think that's called serendipity.

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