Friday, 16 April 2010

A totally mad week

Every one at my house is running about like headless chickens taking stuff to the tip, painting, cleaning,trying to make the house look nice for the photos ,it does,they are great.In between I have managed a little sewing, finishing some little jackets that I have made for some of the babies in my mums and tots group,I like making these, I have an old prima pattern about 20 years old sometimes they are simply a layer of fleece and a layer of cotton fabric, sometimes I do the whole patchwork thing ,I usually have something on the go because there is always another baby coming along in our village . I have just tidied my sewing room so drastically I may never find anything again I hope we sell soon or I shall unpack it all again


  1. Oh what lucky Babies ,these are delightful Jan xx

  2. Do you do these jackets in a bigger size? lol They are gorgeous!

  3. I just love the baby jackets


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