Saturday, 20 February 2010


I am ecstatic!, and no, not because I have been given a years supply of chocolate oranges,but because I have learned how to machine quilt! Today we did a days workshop with Ferret, doing Fur,Feather and Scale which was absolutely brilliant. I had been dreading it because me and my machine don't really commune much, in fact the thought of machine quilting scares me to death. I managed to avoid it through both city and guilds and I've avoided it ever since...But Ferret looked in my instruction book !!!! found the programme, pointed out the funny little hoppy foot in the tool box and away we went! the rest is history WAHOO I can now machine quilt--and I'm not scared..
The world is my lobster,I can now machine quilt all those duty quilts for other people so I get more time on the art quilts,


  1. Wooohooooo! or should I say Hallayluyaaaaa! About time tooo! Now you have no excuse, and I have a great idea for a challenge!!!!!!

  2. Trudi's turn next then for the challenge. I hope you have been doing some today as well!! Rememebr you promised Ferret a photo of your quilting as well. Now stand up, lift your left hand in the air and repeat in a LOUD, CONFIDENT voice, "I AM a machine quilter"

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with this new found skill. Have fun.

  4. Very well done I bet you are proud Jan xx


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