Sunday, 7 February 2010

quilting weekend

Another weekend nearly over,and a very nice one at that. . while I am having my mojo moment I have worked quite hard at the crinkle challenge ,one, I am really enjoying doing the crinkle stuff and two I have found a use for it,theres an exhibition at Rufford hall and the quilt theme is Summer i n the garden ,I quite fancy that,so I am having a bash. Anyway,I had a really wonderful day yesterday , we took some of the short people and went to a guild area day--it was brillioso![the kids taught me that] we met up with some friends had a meal together talked quilts looked at quilts and there were several SHOPURTUNITIES! I bought some lengths of lovely linens and some batting and a magnetic bowl thing for pins and a stunning book on curved piecing. But the highlight of the day was meeting and listening to Louise Presley of Hope and Elvis who showed us some marvellous stuff she had made from recycled clothing and talked to us about her life journey, she triggered a strong emotional response for many of us and gave us a lot of food for thought,it felt like a very special time....

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  1. Sorry I missed the Guild meeting on Saturday, I was really disappointed, especially to miss out on shopping! Your top quilt and the crinkle sewing is looking good. Hope you're bringing them tonight?


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