Monday, 1 February 2010


Its a bit nippy isn't it, mr Shedman got all upset last night as he thought he had lost one of his chickens ,he was out there searching in the dark with a torch, when he found her, she'd managed to get back into the ark ,where she lived as a chick ,and was sitting on four frozen eggs, all alone in the open, in the dark. When he picked her up, one of the eggs was frozen to her body! She's back now, with her mates in the coop, non the worse for her adventures. Its not snowing here at the moment[thank goodness,]but when it did snow, I was out with my camera getting a few shots ,this was so that next summer, I can lounge in the baking sun[?] with a cool drink in my hand and gaze at these images on my laptop and feel very smug, anyway I took several piccies of the little red flamingo acer in the snow and then decided to use one of these as the inspiration for my January journal quilt ,for the guild challenge. I am going to base my 12 j.q'.s on my garden through the year, so that they have a cohesiveness , a sense of being a series. a relationship with each other , which my previous j.q'.s didn't have.enough waffle!.I have never done white before so another new experience, here it is.


  1. Your poor chicken, so glad you found her in time. love your quilt patch. It has given me some ideas. Theme Thursday is red this week and I was wondering ho to play it, but i think this minimal approach is definately the way to go. Very striking.

  2. Ow! Your poor chuck! I like your idea of keeping to a theme for the JQs, this first one is great, very sparkly!

  3. Love the garden theme. Looking forward top seeing the rest of your pieces.
    Glad your chicken is safe. Not good weather for them.


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