Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well I did a really weird thing thing this week,I went to bramble patch, a really fantastic quilting store, it was wonderful ,I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! I found some really beautifully 100 per cent pure wool wadding ooh its lovely! its probably ruined me for other lesser wadding's! I bought some horsey fabric and some lorry and digger fabric on strict orders of short people, and then I came over all strange and took a shine to a quilt on the wall and bought a moda layer cake and free pattern . W hen I got home I got out the rotary cutter and followed the instructions...? yes me, following instructions its been many years since I made a block quilt and I am finding it strangely relaxing. I do like the concept of layer cakes and jelly rolls,, in the olden days you would buy a lot of fat quarters, make a quilt and then be haunted by all the leftover fabric for the next four quilts,this way you use it all up and on to the next one plus all the fabrics go together and you are guaranteed a harmonious quilt! I had intended to influence trudi to make art quilts but I suspect the influence is going in the other direction..


  1. ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! Glad you had a great day! and LOVE that layer cake - Boutique? I'm holding out for a Verna one and some yardage to go with it! So where are the pics of the horses, diggers and lorry fabrics?

  2. Lovely looking fabrics Tina. will it be done for next Academy Quilters?

  3. hey Tina,

    Thanks for the message on my blog. I'm so excited to win a surprise prize from Angela!! I love some of the things you have been doing on your website, and look forward to seeing other things coming along soon.xx


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