Monday, 15 February 2010


Hurrah, its half term ,lots of time to do lots of stuff.On saturday, the short people helped me tidy the garden and make plans for the veg plot this spring, they very politely asked me if, this year, could we please grow some salami as they have tasted it at school and its lovely, so please, could we? Hmm...

On sunday I became crazed with power as I powerwashed the patio,wow! what a great toy, mr shedman usually keeps all the good stuff to himself but he was busy watching something snowy on the telly so I got to play with his!

Today was even better,we popped over to grantham to see the textile lincs exhibition, which was really nice,loraine appletons textiles on felt was particularly striking, love her style and expertise.

Then we had a bit of retail therapy.Oh I love a good charity shop!Ifound the most beatifull M.n.S. pale grey wool throw with a very slight lavender thread running through it, its gorgeous and it was THREE SQUID! I can just imagine stitching into it [excuse me as I dribble] then I found a wool scarf in darker shades of grey and two bracelets with lovely beads for fifty pee, I was beginning to think I'd died and gone to heaven .

Been sewing a bit too, working hard on the crinkle quilt for the feb challenge ,I am determined not to be embarresed this month lots of nice stitching to be done hurrah also have had hints from mr shedman may visit bramblepatch tomorow hurrah!Ilove half term!

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  1. Jammy girl! Great charity shop finds! ;o) I dooooo like the crinkley starry stitching. Rules? What rules?


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